Teacher Productivity Apps

App Name
Description, include how it could be used
Notetaking and more! I use this all the time! I can access my notes from any device, including my PC
spashtop icon.jpg
Splashtop Remote and Splashtop 2
$4.99 (on sale now, usually 9.99)
Can be used in conjunction with free download on PC to allow iPad control of your Smart Board (like a slate). You would likely only put this on Teacher iPad. When kids are sharing from iPad they can just use Apple TV - not - there is a rumor that notebook software will soon (months) be available on iPads
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Game Show Sound Board
Fun, easy to use app! This app contains 12 different sound effects that you can use to infuse fun into your teaching. (Think Rick Morris!) When a child gets an answer right you can touch the applause button. When the class meets a goal you can touch the thumbs up button. You can even have the children pick a sound effect and then tap it. This app also contains a timer. (Camille Johnson)
spelling city app.PNG
Spelling City
Free app/ Premium membership about $60
I use this app with my combo. I got donations through adopt-a-classroom to purchase a premium membership (about $60) which allows for better list management and reporting. So even though is in an app for the kids, it really has helped with productivity on my part. Through the web site I create and manage lists, create and manage assignments and view progress reports. Through the app, the kids can do activities and take spelling tests, saving me the time of administering and scoring two sets (or more with differentiation) of spelling tests! (Sandy McConnell)
Class Dojo
Free, also web based
A class room management app that is interactive and can be used to report home to parents. Works well with our PBIS program! Teachers can upload classes to Class Dojo and then award points for specific behaviors during class with just a touch of the finger to the iPad. Easy to use. Students can modify their avatars and check their points. I am also using it for IEPs goals/obj. areas. Great and easy way to collect data, generate a report. Seems very flexible .( Debbie, Sandy & Allegra)
we use this extensively for student and parent communications, posting assignments and sharing a grade book between co-teachers. Students can post comments and turn in assignments electronically. Parents can see their students progress. Monger & McConnell
external image Stick%2BPick%2BImage.png
Stick Pick
At first I thought this was just an electronic version of a jar for randomly picking students, but it is so much more! Ahead of time, Stick Pick allows you to enter student names and select a level for each student using either Bloom's taxonomy or ELD levels. Then when you call on that student, Stick Pick gives you prompts based on that student's level. You are also able to score responses based on a rubric provided. Stick Pick keeps track of student data and allows you to print or email the data. You would only put this app on a teacher iPad. (Camille Johnson)

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