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Scribble Press.PNG
Scribble Press
Storytelling in any content area
An easy way to do journals, writing assignments, and more. Students create their own books, including cover and about the author page. Then the books can be uploaded to iBooks (then downloaded to all iPads). Students need an account, we used their email ID. Teacher needs to type in Apple ID to add books to iBooks. (Sandy Mac)

A nice source for images, news and videos about anything NASA. Good for 3rd and 5th science. (Sandy Mac)
Accelerated Reader lets kids take AR quizzes from the iPad! No more waiting for computers to boot! They also get all the info - books and words read, points, etc. My students take more quizzes simply because it is so much easier and immediate. (Sandy Mac) Teachers can pull reports from website of activity generated via the app. (Monger)
Brain Pop
Free with optional upgrades
Watch a different animated movie every day, then test your new knowledge with an interactive quiz – free! If you pay $6.99 OR are already a subscriber, you can log in and get more content. Since you can't predict what the next days free movie will be, this would be for a free time or enrichment activity. If you have a subscription, then you can use elements in your content lessons.
Sock Puppets.PNG
Sock Puppets
Free with optional upgrades
Storytelling in any content area
Sock Puppets lets you create your own lip-synched videos and share them on Facebook and YouTube. Add Puppets, props, scenery, and backgrounds and start creating. Hit the record button and the puppets automatically lip-synch to your voice. we have used this for digital citizenship lessons, role playing and other student demonstrations. It does not currently interface well with apple TV and you can't save them to the device without an in app purchase OR upgrading to Sock Puppets Complete for $3.99. (Sandy Mac)
spelling city app.PNG
Vocabulary Spelling City
This has been a real help for me with the combo this year. I have a premium membership to spelling city (funded through adopt-a-classroom) and I can post lists. The kids can do their spelling practice and take spelling tests on the app! I get records and can export them to excel. (Sandy Mac)
Mad Lips
Storytelling in any content area
Mad Lips is a creative & surprisingly educational app that lets anyone superimpose their talking lips over any picture. You can make a talking book report, igneous rock or a right triangle teaching their characteristics, speak another language . Let your imagination run wild - the kids enjoyed it! ( Debbie)
Popplet lite
Storytelling in any content area
A flexible brainstorming, Mind-mapping, diagramming, Graphic Organizer that allows for photos, type or handwritten text.We use it for all kinds of activities, number sorts, brainstorming webs, label parts of a flower photograph etc. Again very flexible app that allows for creativity and is saved on the iPAD device for easy access into other apps like Educreations. The downside to the free app is only 1 Popplet can be made at a time. ( Debbie)

external image Ujfznh2Aiafc08LxUhjoAw-temp-upload.bkzvlotm.175x175-75.jpg
Sushi Monster
Crazy name, but great math app! Requires students to compose and decompose numbers (hello Common Core standards!) to "feed" the Sushi Monster. Includes both addition and multiplication. Highly motivating. Best for solid first graders and up. (Camille Johnson)
puppet pals.png
Puppet Pals Lite
Storytelling in any content area
A creative app where students ( or their teacher) can create stories, math problems, retellings etc. using simple puppets, a variety of backgrounds & the audio of a narrator. Buy the directors pass and photos can be used as backgrounds or puppets! This is a fabulous app for incorporating imagination, speaking, listening and high level thinking skills. Very creative and flexible app that can be used across the curriculum.( Debbie)
stack the states.PNG
Stack the States - Lite
Great for learning state capitals and important landmarks.Kids may go through it pretty quickly but it is good practice for 5th grade standard. It is really an upgrade grade app.Kids can use google maps to help them find the answer. (Lorena Karayannins & Sandy Mac)
Class Dojo

A class room management app that is interactive and can be used to report home to parents. Works well with our PBIS program! Teachers can upload classes to Class Dojo and then award points for specific behaviors during class with just a touch of the finger to the iPad. Easy to use. Students can modify their avatars and check their points. I am also using it for IEPs goals/obj. areas. Great and easy way to collect data, generate a report. Seems very flexible .( Debbie & Allegra)
Great for Math & ScienceStorytelling in any content area
It has many of the same features as the ShowMe app. It allows the adding of images to a page, writing on the screen/image and the adding of audio as recording is taking place. Teacher's need an account. You can publish either publicly or privately. Educreations will allow the addition of multiple pages whereas the ShowMe app only allows the writing on a single page. The addition of more pages is very useful for multiple activities ( story retellings, multi step math problems, social stories etc.) Very versatile App. ( Debbie)

A fun typing game to teach letter placement on the iPad keyboard. There is a nice tutorial in the game.
There are five chapters: Atlantis, Merging to the Surface, Earth, Air, and Entering Space. Each chapter has twelve levels. In the beginning of each chapter there is a circle with twelve numbers where the player can choose level. To start the game just tap on creature and choose level. The next chapter can be achieved after collecting forty eight out of sixty stars. My kids did some Educreation Tutorials if interested on my website-
( Debbie)
Weather station
WeatherStation is the official NOAA's real time weather information for the US location of your choice (except Alaska) Easy & multiple color themes ( we like the Alien) This app also features a clock. Simple and efficient, this application gives you the actual weather with :
Overall weather, Current temperature, Humidity, Barometer, Dew point, Windchill / heat index, Wind speed and direction, Highest/Lowest temperature, Rain chances for today and tonight Perfect for my weather unit! We are checking it daily now. ( Debbie)
external image screen-capture-2.png

I love this app! If you are the sole user of the iPad, you no longer have to type in your user name or password. Life just became so much easier! (Camille Johnson)

external image doodle.png
external image doodle.png

Storytelling in any content area
Although I am a K/1 teacher, this is an app that is so versatiles that it can be used with any grade. It is my "go to" app. DoodleBuddy is a drawing app that turns the iPad into a whiteboard. I use it mostly for math. When my kinders were working on patterning we used this app. Now that we are working on making numbers in a variety of ways, we use this app. At times I have students take screenshots to document their work. There are two versions; I prefer the first because it is easier for the children to erase their "whiteboards".
(Camille Johnson)

Note -- we are always exploring new apps. Some current apps we are investigating are Khan Academy and Doceri.

Lesson Plans

site has two lesson plans with reflection from a teacher in Douglas County (SD?). One is math and the second could be adapted to any subject area.