Kindergartners CAN use iPads in amazing ways!

This is a place to share ideas specifically for our youngest students.

To get my kinders started with writing I use apps like Touch and Write (letter formation, letter names, letter sounds) and Word Wizard (letter sounds, words). This year I fell in love with the app Book Creator. Here are some ideas I have used:

1) Shape Book
Kindergartners photographed a variety of shapes using the iPad. Later their fifth grade buddies typed a sentence for each shape, creating a book all about shapes.

2) Feelings Book
After finishing a Project Cornerstone lesson on understanding feelings in others, the kindergartners chose four emotions. They posed for a photo demonstrating each emotion. Then their buddies photographed them and typed in dictated sentences to create a book of feelings. Book Creator allows students to record their sentences, so my students also recorded themselves reading their sentences.