As we expose our students to more technology, it is our mandate and responsibility to also teach them how to safe, responsible nd respectable. Our AUP - Acceptable Use Policy- is the first step. Here is a copy of our AUP for use by students district wide. To teach our kids about being good net-izens, we have the following link up on our district site, which is a set of video links from NetSmartzKids.

Common Sense Media is a great source for digital safety and citizenship curriculum. At Bagby, Sheila and Sandy have use this with their students and parents as well.

One of the biggest challenges with kids using technology in the early grades is the fair and legal use of images. Just giving attribution may not be enough.

Pics4 Learning: Free usage photos
Wikipedia: Creative commons copyright free photos
Animal Photos: Everything on the site can be used legally for educational purposes.
Creative Commons Search: Brings back only CC licensed content. Be sure to deselect "For commercial purposes"; you'll get more. Type in a term and then click on a tab such as Google Images.
Flickr Creative Commons: Search for topics at this link; the results should all be useable (all Flickr pictures have license info in bottom right area of the picture.
Google Advanced Search Choose free to use or share.
Free Original Clipart

Websites with information about copyright laws:
Copyright Kids Lots of information about copyright rules.
Copyright Cyberbee Answers common questions
Copyright Clearance Center- Five rules to follow flowchart

information from

Another issues that of importance as we prepare our children for being good digital citizens is an awareness of to prevent it, how to report it and how to deal with it when it does happen.

YouTube and Google in Ed have launched curriculum for digital citizenship for teachers and students.

Monterey County Office of Education

There is also a sample class in Edmodo: Digital Citizenship 101. There are some great resources there. From the "group":
Welcome to Digital Citizenship 101. In this course, you will learn the importance of teaching students to be good digital citizens.
Just a friendly reminder that this course is sample course and is not meant to be taken by the public. The assignments and quiz will not be graded. The purpose of the course is to inspire you to learn and teach digital citizenship to our students. You are more than welcome to use the material in this course and create your own digital citizenship course as long as you give credit to Leon County Schools, Florida. Please do not hesitate to contact author through Edmodo, twitter - @fernandezc4 or my blog - .... Our team is still working on adding aditional content to the folders .... Stay tuned for more info on that. Thank you again for showing such interest in the of teaching digital citizenship to our teachers and students.

Sample AUP from Saratoga K-5. 6-8