Popplet & Educreations A Super DUO

from Debbie Rice 3-5th Grades
Using a Lilly with stem and leaves observe, dissect, label and present a flower poster made in
Popplet and make an oral presentation using Educreations. The Apple TV was used to share their Educreations to the classmates.


from Debbie Rice 3-5th Grades
iMotion is a simple time lapse & stop motion App. Its uses are numerous, from the melting of a snowman below ( from solid to liquid) to sprouting seeds, water to vapor, crystal formation...I even used it for a data collection period to watch a student's number of times out of their seat in a one hour period;-) Easy to share as it saves to the camera roll.

Class Dojo

from Debbie Rice 3-5th Grades
Class Dojo is daily real time behavior management, data collection app that allows teachers to record positive or negative behaviors of students. No Data Entry is needed! It's free to sign up and very user-friendly & easy. ClassDojo can be accessed through an iPad app, data can be recorded from a laptop, or their fun graphics can be displayed on a SMART Board or via Apple TV. A great feature of ClassDojo is that you can customize the different behaviors it monitors to fit your classroom culture and set of expectations. Easy-to-read reports, ClassDojo is a wonderful tool to refer to during parent-teacher conferences or IEP meetings.
I used the Doceri app to make the simple recording about Class Dojo. Doceri is a a free screencasting app which I now prefer over Educreations because lessons /presentations can be saved to my camera roll unlike Educreations.

Class Dojo


from Monger and McConnell 2-3-4-5th grade
Apps: iMovie, Edmodo
One project I like to do to introduce the kids to iMovie is to have them create a "6 word weekend" video. The instructions are simple. Think of 6 words to describe your weeks. Make a video showing your weekend. With some kids you might have to give more detailed instruction, or depending on what you want out of this, for example, do you want them to use titles? speaking? music? I like to just let them go and see what they come up with. We have also used this with an "about me" movie for Back to School. After they are done with the movie they can share it with their classmates via Edmodo.

6 word summer - students were instructed to pick things about their summer and make a video.After researching candidates positions, students created videos to support their candidate.

from Camille Johnson First Grade
app: any app that allows you to import photos and add audio (My students used Story Creator- free.)

During our study of geometry, I had my students take photos of various geometric shapes, label the photos and then add audio describing the properties of each shape. Example of audio: "This is a triangle. It has three sides and three angles. A piece of pizza can be in the shape of a triangle."

Symmetry and QR Codes

from Camille Johnson First Grade
app: any QR code scanner (My students used QRafter - free.)
During our study of symmetry, my students decided which capital letters were symmetrical and which were not. Then they had to draw the lines of symmetry. Once they were finished, they scanned the bar code at the bottom of each letter to find out if they were correct. Each scan brought up either the word "YES" or the word "NO" to answer the question, "Is this letter symmetrical?"

I purchased the alphabet cards with premade bar codes for $1.50 from TPT (Teachers Pay Teachers). The package is called Alphabet Symmetry. Here is the link.

Educreations Demonstration of Learning
From Monger and McConnell, 2-3-4-5th grade
Apps: Educreations, Edmodo
A new take on an old strategy. Students love to share their work. With Educreations they can record a white board lesson of their solution to a given problem. They can then share their work on Edmodo.

This sample is from a student who just a year ago moved to the US and had limited English.

This is a water cycle video from 5th grade science.

Educreations and Quick Response (QR) Codes

from Lorena Karayannis Second Grade
apps: Educreations and any QR code scanner (My students used QRafter - free) Website: any QR generator (We used Kaywa.com)
  1. Create and Save video in Educreations
  2. Copy the lesson link. (Click on the picture of the chain (Upper right hand corner of the page) and then select Copy Lesson Link
  3. Open a QR Generator website (We used http://qrcode.kaywa.com).
    1. Clear the white box to paste the link
    2. Tap on the area to paste the link
    3. Click on the Generate Free ta
    4. Once the QR code appears – tap on the QR code to save the image
  4. Open the Photo Icon
    1. Select the QR you saved.
    2. Send the QR code to the printer.

Science Standouts

from Monger 4th grade
Apps: Scribble Press and iBooks
After each science lesson, students create a page in their scribble press book. They write about what they learned in class that day, an a-ha moment or something that excited them. They can use pictures (they take with iPad), text, writing and stickers (from app) to generate a useful and creative review tool...and quite frankly, something to show off! Books can then be shared to all student iPads in the class via iBooks and can be posted as a PDF to the class web site so their parents and families can see them.

PhotoStory - not an app but an idea - I include it as an idea you could use with or without ipads.
PhotoStory is a free download from Microsoft. With it students can make slide shows with narration Students have used it from Westward Migration to Water Cycle to Mother's Day cards. Here is a video of 4th grade goals form last year.